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2QO                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

a great deal. We are above three hundred and
eighty people on board, and sit down generally a
numerous party. The general and I occupy the
cabin, where our berths are rather gloomy, and
not very quiet; but I have never been ill, and
find, as usual, the good effects of my education
and travels, in not wanting any attendance or help,
and being able to put up with inconvenience.

The utmost attention is paid me, and all our
society is good-humoured and civil; but we cannot
enter into their Danish conversation. There is
plenty of eating and drinking, books, &c.

We are just arrived in Madeira at the begin-
ning of the rainy season, after nine months'
drought which threatened destruction to the
island. To-day the thermometer is at 46, which
makes it the coldest day any inhabitant of Madeira
ever felt. The mountain tops are covered with

January n$th, 1802.

I   came on shore with   General  Waltershoff,
and lodge at Mr. Murdoch's, a wealthy merchant.

nation.    He went to the West Indies on board the Danish
frigate which conveyed General Waltershoff and suite.